Your Uniqueness


When you take a step back and look at your art, the view is worth the fear of heights,

The separation anxiety and all the reasons why we should hold it so tight is less than the satisfaction of seeing things from a little distance.

What was I thinking when I saw it so close-up and couldn’t find my style?

It is so unique from up here and that is how others will likely see it too.

We are not made to be exactly the same as anyone else and our unique style is shaped by

What we are saying and believing and doing.  A bird’s eye perspective is one good way to

Review, realign, take stock and form new plans… try to take a short break, or put works on a screen

In a presentation format perhaps, or take photos and make a carousel, lay a bunch of work on a table or pinboard or go back over your older social media and spot the differences.

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