From small beginnings as a fledgling textile/architecture student in Wellington, New Zealand in my younger years, it got me more and more interested in art, design and colour. Not finding the path I was hoping for and longing to be around nature more I ended up heading for the countryside and began to see alot of the patterns and details in natural things. Then became based in the Wairarapa region for most of the last 30 years continuing to create and raise a family in the mix. 

I started painting in the 90's using acrylics on large canvases and countless metres of handpainted cotton fabrics.  A handful of exhibitions over time pushed me more towards making and selling my work through our own retail shops and events.  The top three influences in the early years were Picasso, Japanese art and design, and Willem De Kooning.

There are really three main styles of work that I run with...line drawings, abstract expression and geometry. Recently more patterned and geometric works have evolved again from working with computers and the challenges of solving problems in our modern era.  I observe and explore the relationships between things like line, form, colour, emotion, meaning and symbolism. Where possible I try to have fun and appeal to peoples sense of humour. 

My aim is to bring art into peoples lives in an easy way that inspires and challenges them to go beyond the moment.  Art and products with that something extra, make life richer and more meaningful and we could all do with more of that :)